Spray bottle E-Z Kleen.
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Can E-Z KLEEN® be mixed with other cleaners?

E-Z KLEEN® is a powerful cleaner that does not need to be mixed with other cleaners. It is strong enough to clean grease and other harsh agents, but also gentle enough to use on your hands.

I'm interested in becoming an E-Z KLEEN® distributor, Do I have to have a background in sales to become one?

A background in sales would be ideal, but is not required. Visit our Contact page to request more information about the position.

Is E-Z KLEEN® harmful to pets or children?

E-Z KLEEN® is a bio-degradeable, non-toxic, concentrated cleaner. It is even environmentally friendly.  

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E-Z Kleen mixes easily with water.
E-Z Kleen doesn't contain harsh chemicals found in other cleaners.

Can I order E-Z KLEEN® by phone?

Ordering E-Z KLEEN® is simple! Order by calling 518-784-2914 or from the main page.

E-Z Kleen is pet-friendly and pet-safe!


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What's in it?

E-Z KLEEN® has no Ammonia, solvents or acids. E-Z KLEEN® is an aqueous solution containing ingredients to remove soil (anionic and non anionic surfactants), soften water and improve cleaning; also small amounts of quality control agents.

I love to use E-Z KLEEN®, But I was wondering why you don't sell E-Z KLEEN®

pre-mixed in a spray bottle, ready to use?

E-Z KLEEN® is sold in a concentrated formulation so that the end user can save money by mixing with their own water. E-Z KLEEN® can also be mixed stronger or weaker depending on your cleaning needs. This also gives you more control over the costs.