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To Whom It May Concern:
We have been doing business with Andy Monell of

E-Z Kleen at Jiminy Peak for many years. 
Andy has a great product, unlike anything else on the market today.  He always has a professional and friendly demeanor.

I would highly recommend doing business with Andy/
E-Z Kleen.
Have a great day!

~Erica Wetherell

  Administrative Manager

  Food & Beverage

  Jiminy Peak &

  John Harvard's at Jiminy Peak
  37 Corey Road
  Hancock, MA 01237
  413-738-5500 ext. 3190
  413-738-5217 FAX

Dear Mr. Monell,

I have received my
E-Z Kleen order after living without it for a number of years. I had tried a number of well established power house cleaners since but have not been so happy with the results. I kept searching to see if I could find your product since I relocated to Florida and lost connection with our distributors back in Mass.

Finally, one day my frustrations led me to search the web and I was pleasantly surprised to discover your new web site and to learn that you are still in business. I felt like I had just won the lottery ticket. After months of searching and hoping I had found my long lost friend named

E-Z Kleen.

I immediately ordered and hoped my purchase would arrive in time to clean my house for an upcoming family special event.

The familiar bottle with the pleasant clean scent was delivered within a few days of my order. In no time my tile floors are squeaky clean, windows and mirrors are sparkling and my kitchen countertop surfaces are free of surface dirt, grease and grime.

Thank you for such a fine product and may your business flourish and continue to grow exponentially!

Yours truly,
Eleanor Gildersleeve

E-Z Kleen is a wonder product. It cleans beautifully, but if you use it full strength it will make a war zone on your hands. Remember people, this is a very strong product unlike the ones in the store that are 90% water. This you can dilute and still have a great product! It smells terrific.

~Betty Gefken, Thompson, NY

"I am SURPRISED how well it cleaned my TREX DECK".

~Cindy A., Whitehall, MT.

"The REAL All-purpose cleaner... Easy to use, Works Great!"

~Sarah M. 

"I was surprised at how quick it was shipped to me..."

~Don R. 

E-Z KLEEN® is a great product for all your cleaning needs.

See what some of our customers have to say...

Dear E-Z Kleen,

After years of washing our white ambulances with mineral -rich water,they were no longer white. They had the orange tint of Iron. We tried  multiple products off the shelves of the big box stores which were designed to remove such minerals . None were ever able to get our Ambulances white again.  E-Z Kleen removed every bit of that orange tinge and returned our Ambulances to their original bright white color. Since then, it has become our go-to cleaner for most purposes around the building.. It is an outstanding all purpose cleaner whether diluting and using in a sprayer or using straight to remove stubborn stains.

Thank you Andy! 



PO BOX 242, VALATIE N.Y. 12184

PHONE 518-758-1221


Dear Andy,  turkey day disaster or delight?

Just so you know, I realized too late (like 9:30 am today) that  my oven needed to be cleaned before I could even THINK about cooking a 20 lb turkey in it. When I thought about my options....there weren't ANY besides
E-Z Kleen. Honest to God. Self clean=1 hr....no time for that! Any chemical ANYTHING=still take too long AND STILL wouldn't want to cook my turkey in THAT environment! Literally, your product was the only thing that popped in my head! Can't go wrong when it's environmentally safe to all creatures, fast & evaporates. Simple no brainer.

E-Z Kleen is AMAZING.



E-Z Kleen
is a great product that can be used on ANYTHING! Our company, TCBY has saved hundred's of dollars on cleaning products by switching to

E-Z Kleen for all our cleaning needs. Not only is the product great but the customer service is outstanding. We can order it and have it within 24 hours. The product lasts a long time and the price is completely reasonable. We will be customers forever!

Thank you,